Best Gt you have ever seen?

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AirRawr_ posted...
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last guy in kill feed.

couldn't help but chuckle


LOL, a good one at that.
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There's one on my friends list, just some random that friended me...I laugh every single time I pass it.

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Another to mention is PoopTickler
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Was and will always be


Give or take a character, not sure what the limit is but he got the point across
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I'm next to Isaac in that picture ;)

natedude0903 posted...
gunho7 posted...
Rookie mistake.

Rough weekend. Lerthyr can attest to that for me.

This is true :/
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For about a day after Battlefield 3 came out, my GT was UngodlyCumshots. When I signed into Xbox Live the next day after school, well... it wasn't that anymore.

Myself saying it's funny would be a bit conceited but a few people in the squads I played in got a kick out of it at least.
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Not the funniest I've seen (I forgot that one) but somewhat recently it has to be

Rectal Spelunker

Didn't have a space though because of the character limit.
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YOLO... It's like Carpe Diem for idiots.
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Thor Manhammer
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