High SPMs or KDR is all about Mental Intelligence, Super tltr;

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One of my good friends IRL totally sucks at this game and blames ALL of his deaths on lag, spawns, or general BS. He has been at my house many times playing Split screen with me where I would show him how to play and what to look out for, but when he gets home it’s back to his sucky self…

I find myself laughing over the mic at his rage when I see him rush a building where a known enemy is and die repeatedly. It’s crazy but when he is here in Split screen I see enemies on his screen that he doesn’t see? The ****?

I know there are people that rush blindly but win with their superior reflexes; I am not one of them. I analyze and predict where enemies will be. To each his own…, I guess.

To end this blog the friend I talk about is a high school dropout, 24, and has Never had a job or driver’s license…

Any thoughts…

I know my friend suck... lol
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Wasn't a very nice thing to say about your friend.
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FeelMyBlade posted...
Wasn't a very nice thing to say about your friend.

I am also offended
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I hope your friend doesn't read this......
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Maybe your friends impatience playing COD and current life situation are related to his emotions and mental health rather than a lack of 'mental intelligence'

Granted, maybe not, but nice to know he has such an empathetic and supportive guy as a friend anyway
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screen looker
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Yeah I'm generally more "tactical" as well but if I played right now I'd be absolute garage just because of the mood I'm in.
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AirRawr_ posted...
screen looker

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Tziggyx posted...
AirRawr_ posted...
screen looker

Come on, that was funny...!