Anyone looking to play?

#1zzGambitPosted 2/20/2013 8:12:23 AM
Gt: zzGambit.

Looking for people to play with that have above a 2.20. No dashboarders. I have a 6.00 kd after reset and a 2.65 before hand with over a 7 win/loss. I took a break from the game and now none of my friends play. So yeah. Send me a message on Xbl if interested.
#2Astro_B0mbPosted 2/20/2013 8:14:04 AM
M kd is 2.17 can I still play?
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#3zzGambit(Topic Creator)Posted 2/20/2013 8:16:27 AM
Yeah. Really anyone above a 2.00 that does not dashboard. Also I only really play Tdm kc and Dom
#4zzGambit(Topic Creator)Posted 2/20/2013 10:45:10 AM