What is it about this game?

#1GunSniper001Posted 2/20/2013 5:41:09 PM
To start off, I know it's the weird connection based crap SOMETIMES, but not always, that leads to deaths in this game. I currently have a 1.3 K/D in this game, and I'm sure it would be about a 1.4-5 K/D if I didn't grind out diamond pistols, specials, and every other random gun I'm terribad with. However, I have a 1.7 in every MW titled game, and a 2.4 in BO1.

Obviously, like I said, it's this connection BS, but it was the same way in MW3 and I still fared much better. I don't know if maybe somehow I've hit my personal skill ceiling and everyone has finally passed me, or what it is, but I just can't do CRAP in this game. I feel like when I'm rushing I get dominated by the campers(don't mean it is an insult just the prone snipers/LMG users) and when I try and sit back and do the same, I get constant laser aim killed by the rushers. I've played in a few tournaments that were all LAN connections, and I won them all, but they were all 2V2 or 3V3. However in multi team, I get my ass handed to me(probably spawn related mostly) and regular 6V6, I'm lucky to end with a 1.4 K/D by the end. Even if I START a match 20-2 I'll somehow start just magically dying left and right and end up 25-18 or something.

Idk if I'm just past my prime, but is anyone else having this happen to them?
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this game was crafted with super duper elite mlg players in mind. you're obviously just bad
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You may just be average at this game.
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#4Ha_D00DPosted 2/20/2013 5:59:46 PM
GOBBluth1 posted...
You may just be average at this game.

>TC holds 1.4 k/d
>Objectively tries to recognize why skill isn't improving
>Gets called an average CoD player.

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