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User Info: IronMonkey008

4 years ago#11
WOT BS posted...
hate all you want, its fun as hell... the best part is seeing 2 people on the other team equipping the m1216 next round with no attachments or camo

lol I always laugh when when I get in a lobby and end up top score by a good amount for a few games, then slowly start seeing a few people with Identical Scar/HAMR classes but without attachments/camo.
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User Info: WOT BS

4 years ago#12
just got all 6 kills and a plant on S&D using this class... you guys need to re-evaluate (ie freshen up) your styles.

round 4 on plaza on my recent games if you don't believe me. had emps on though, which is why i didn't use the class in the beginning of the game. forgot to swap the flashbangs back on after playing hijacked
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