What's worse, no attachments or no perks challenge for diamond?

#21lunaticcorePosted 2/23/2013 10:01:21 AM
No point in doing them both at the same time unless you maxed the gun out already. For most of the guns I was still needing exp to max out after finishing the camo.
#22Smakface13Posted 2/23/2013 10:17:47 AM
I always go for the no perks/no attachments at the same time in HC.
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#23The_Gun_Sh0wPosted 2/23/2013 10:48:58 AM
I do them both at the same time like most other people.

The only things I miss are Scav and Toughness so I guess I would have to say I miss the perks the most.
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#24CyrusdarkfurPosted 2/23/2013 11:35:42 AM
Yeah so far i've found it easy to do both at the sametime, just use Tactician + EMP + Blackhat and then whatever secondary you feel like having.
#25JSpillaPosted 2/23/2013 11:43:57 AM
it depends the gun. For smgs, you dont even need any attachments to do good, so no perks is def worse. For ARs, not having stock hurts, but having no perks is still worse (especially since toughness is most times needed for longer range battles).
#26donsparks(Topic Creator)Posted 2/23/2013 11:51:39 AM
The thing is, everybody else having attachments like stock and quickdraw and you don't. Other than toughness, perks really don't help you gunfights. That's why I think no attachments is a little worse. Not having perks gets you killed by things other than bullets.
#27Silver17Posted 2/23/2013 11:54:48 AM
I use to try doing half and half but took FOREVER.

I knock them both out at the same time now...
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