Describe your playstyle in exactly 3 words.

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  3. Describe your playstyle in exactly 3 words.
2 years ago#1
Sprint shoot reload
All hail the mighty woolay.
2 years ago#2
zero ****s given.

"Persistence until excellence."
2 years ago#3
Hit and run

or alternatively

Always beside death
cogito ergo zoom
2 years ago#4
Sprint, die, complain.
Victory is my destiny.
GT: Noitrez
2 years ago#5
Join in progress
Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.
2 years ago#6
Terrorist killling blackman.
3DS FC: 2664 - 3403 - 8887
GT: KiddBlackard
2 years ago#7
Sprint Kill Reload
2 years ago#8
Von der haaaaaaar
GT: Pipnotiq
2 years ago#9
Shoot Miss Die
GT:XGN Caboosie
2 years ago#10


Mas tragem Lucifer pra mim
Em una bandeja, pra mim
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  2. Call of Duty: Black Ops II
  3. Describe your playstyle in exactly 3 words.

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