hmm quick question for assault shield experts

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BipBapBam posted...
I literally charged a guy using it with my combat knife like 10 times in one match yesterday, I always aimed directly at it and it always killed him. I feel bad for people that seriously use it.

I also thank you for your sympathy, but know that we're laughing hard when you're raging at dying to an assault shielder.
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Yea if you see someone with a shield immediately bash them. These people usually don't know this and they will be backing up.

I run an assault shield/crossbow class for SnD, which is pretty much the class that destroys the class I use. Semtex and crossbow sticks to the shield whether you are wearing flak or not kills you so remember that.

Are you in Hardcore? I play Core and when I get stuck by a bow on my shield I always survive. However getting stuck by the sticky is a kill. If you get stuck by a sticky nade and try to plant your shield this glitch happens where it instantly explodes killing you.