To show you how bad the game is programmed at the core. Take a look at this.

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If you watch his deathcam's (when Jive died) it shows what happened on superman's screen perfectly in sync while the looking was off on his screen at the time of death though.

If the host is the one being killed or killing the other player than the killcam is 100% accurate. If niether the killer nor the player being killed are the host than the killcam may be off.
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Oh so basically you want 3 people to be playing a FFA and have the killcams of player 2 and 3 shown when those two kill each other and compare them, right? So that there is no host interaction other than he is actually the host.
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This wasn't split screen it was a private 1v1 match.

The game was being wonktastical for both of them if you checked. Shows just how off the cameras and player models actually are as well, since neither players model was where it looks like they were.
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The only people unaware of this are either blind or incredibly ignorant.

I wasn't aware of just how bad it was. I knew it was bad, watching that though just makes you wonder if they knew what they were doing at all.

Hell no

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He said leave when you are behind in the lobby. I've been doing that since the release because I know the killcam shows the other players view and still haven't found a good lobby, so I left permanently.
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Interesting video for sure, but I stayed to due to great COD4 music in the background.