Attn: Deacon Unpleasant Milk, Priest Dario and Church of Tac45 Followers

#1Overd0sPosted 2/27/2013 8:30:14 PM
Today the Church of Five-Seven Saints had a rally. All went well and Debra made a delicious potato salad. I just wanted to let you know our God is looking over us and that your's is a false prophet.

Look at how much fun we're having:
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#2MonerMonerPosted 2/27/2013 8:42:30 PM
Lmao, good stuff.
#3Maiken100Posted 2/27/2013 8:51:36 PM
Blind Five-Seven followers tho art so ignorant and foolish? You dare to use tac-45's name in vain?!
i hope you rot in the MW3 dome limbo!!
#4DirrtyRockstarrPosted 2/27/2013 8:56:37 PM
All these false prophets shall fall against the one true faith

And that is the Church of Vector.
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#5NriepwPosted 2/27/2013 8:57:37 PM
#6iamjosh308Posted 2/27/2013 8:58:27 PM
*wipes brown*
#7natedude0903Posted 2/27/2013 10:11:16 PM
RIP supgreat

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#8dario1101Posted 2/27/2013 10:14:02 PM
I like how my name is on the sign... :P

Believe what you want, you misguided Five-Seven lovers, blinded by it's Rate of Fire and Magazine size! For the Tac-45 is the only pistol that is worth using.

(Somewhere, out in the far far far far galaxy, someone is crying over his Executioner.)
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#9XxOblivion77Posted 2/27/2013 11:12:07 PM
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#10F_H_NukemPosted 2/27/2013 11:31:05 PM
"sits in chair thinking about the M1216"

LOL pistol churches....
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