Weird perk glitches in die rise? Perks effects without actually having them

#1maxthef1asherPosted 2/28/2013 2:04:37 PM
The main thing that was happening to me yesterday was i had 3 perks...speed cola, quick revive, and jug. I went to go buy Whos Who...but couldnt! I didn't know why but it was weird. Later i went down and it let me get back up as if i had Whos Who already...very weird

In this same game the person i was playing with had issues too. He couldn't by Whos Who and also went down but had it. When he got back up his Mule kick was gone but he had 3 guns still!!!

Mind you he had over 4 perks because of the Smeagle things. But no explanation as to why he still had 3 guns. Weird stuff was happening during this game.

This was the same game where, as mentioned in a post earlier today, i did the glitch in the chinese room twice and it took away both of my guns and left me with a pistol. Im not sure if maybe by doing the glitch and receiving the patched effect did anything to the rest of the game? Anyone else have similar problems?
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#2flamepeltPosted 2/28/2013 5:56:27 PM
If you go down which who's who and get revived you get all your perks back, excluding who's who. That's why your friend kept three guns.