how much of a pain in the ass for you to complete the bloodthirsty challenge for

#21theLongR0DPosted 3/6/2013 12:44:05 PM
I think they should have had a merciless or something requirement for gold. Just to make it a bit tougher to acquire. Bloodthirstys are easy peazy
#22cheebsyPosted 3/6/2013 12:46:28 PM
bloodthirsties are so easy
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#23destructoclausPosted 3/6/2013 12:46:51 PM
I had no problems at all getting the bloodthirsties on my way to diamond SMGs/ARs/shotguns. I always finished them before the 150 kills no perks/attachments.
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#24Beastmode420Posted 3/6/2013 12:51:55 PM
I've been tuck on the blood thirsty for a shotgun for about a month..I havent prestaiged because of it..yeah Theyre a pain
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#25The_Gun_Sh0wPosted 3/6/2013 1:02:04 PM
Long shots are the only challenge I have to think about to get finished. That and the 100 headshots which always seems to take me ages!
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#26HaahahahaPosted 3/6/2013 1:06:57 PM
Give more time than effort. Thats all
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#27iBlackice25Posted 3/6/2013 2:09:05 PM
Depends on the gun. Ive only gotten gold on ARs, so its been pretty simple for me.
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