Every CoD game has a dominant weapon

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If you have to ask what the dominant weapon is, then there's clearly no dominant weapon
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No mention of M16 in MW?
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Black Ops 2: Lag.
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Eternal Jehuty posted...
Black Ops 2: Lag.
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GreatKiraLord posted...

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Black Ops 2; Peacekeeper w/ Rapid Fire, Long Barrel & Fast Mags. (Even With Rapid Fire, it still kicks as much as the Type-25, but much faster.)

Modern Warfare 3; Dragunov w/ ACOG Delta & Extended Mags. (If you don't have a SCUF, you wouldn't understand the Trigger Finger-To-Recoil Ratio)

Black Ops; AUG w/ Extended Mags & Reflex Sight. (I Just liked it, my Opinion. I'd only run Extended Mags, but i liked Warlord Pro's Extra 'nades)

Modern Warfare 2; SCAR-H w/ Extended Mags. (It's a LASER. Even without Stopping Power)

World At War; MP40 w/ Extended Mags\Drum Mag. (I used Double Tap and Steady Aim with it, I liked it a little)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare; M16A4 w/ Red Dot. (Enough Said there)

Anybody thinking anything differently?
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Used to be the fal they nerfed the S*** out of it and now the PDW reigns supreme.
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DetectivPenguin posted...
Used to be the fal they nerfed the S*** out of it and now the PDW reigns supreme.

The MSMC is better than the PDW. They only really nerfed the select fire FAL, it's still the best gun in the game.
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timilayas99 posted...


Black Ops: Famas

MW3: ACR 6.8

Black Ops 2: ?

What the dominant weapon in Black Ops 2?

Except the UMP, FAL, FAMAS, Intervention, and one or two others were used more that the ACR in MW2.

In BO1 the AK74U was used just as much as the FAMAS. The Commando and the M16 ACOG were just as good in the right hands.

MW3 you forget the pp90, the MP7, and the Striker. All of which killed me more than the ACR.
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