Stealth Chopper or AGR?

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User Info: whodeynotdat

4 years ago#1
I'm currently using the stealth chopper. I earned 10 kills from it the first time I used it so unfortunately I set my standards high for it. I've considered AGR but I'm not sure how durable it is. I need something between 9-13 scorestreak to use. I'm not a huge fan of an orbital vsat also.
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User Info: MarkPlaysGears

4 years ago#2
Stealth chopper is better usually. But if you can put your AGR in a good spot and be able to cover it well, it will give you more out of it.

I used to think AGR was not that good, but it's all practice on knowing how far you can get away with and where. It has a very high skill cap.
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User Info: XxkaimxX

4 years ago#3
I think it also depends on what game mode you play. I play a lot of demolition and the other day I set AGR on and got it. I drove it inside the bomb room on hijacked and just rocketed and gunned the door allowing us to blow the bomb.

User Info: Jonnywestside

4 years ago#4
One C4 = Goodbye AGR

It treads a find line between being good and bad. Personally I would try and make the extra push for the vastly underrated Escort Drone but that's up to you.

User Info: QualiT

4 years ago#5
The Chopper.

AGRS never last long thanks to the EMP nade epidemic and the fact that C4 one shots it.
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User Info: GreatKiraLord

4 years ago#6
escort drone

User Info: T_r_a_m_P

4 years ago#7
From my records it shows, my agr is about 2.6 or so kills, stealth around 4, escort over 4 (per streak) so id go for the stealth any day. Plus the stealth cannot be outrun when in the open and does not show up on the minimap
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User Info: Alexanaxela

4 years ago#8
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User Info: Xolace

4 years ago#9
Alexanaxela posted...

Both always get killed as soon as they're out so I don't bother with them anymore.

User Info: IIIVIR

4 years ago#10
whodeynotdat posted...
I'm not a huge fan of an orbital vsat also.

what...? in terms of getting them or it's usefulness?
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