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DSR 50 bloodthirsties... (Archived)
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Tips for playing better? (Archived)
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I just wish the devs would patch the remaining balance issues left in this game. (Archived)
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Stock attachment and FAL, SMR and SWAT 556 (Archived)using_printer109/3 9:34PM
I am now convinced that headquarters is the worst excuse for a mode of all CoDs. (Archived)
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Help with Trip Cap challenge - Domination (Archived)pdw5729/2 5:52PM
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Why the hell do I always die in the most idiotic way when on a large killstreak? (Archived)
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What Is The Deal?! (Archived)ReverendNasty49/1 8:13AM
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Looking for a fun 1v1 (Archived)
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Headshots for Gold? (Archived)BryanYoung1911108/29 5:04PM
Funny how all snipers are attracted to men (Archived)TheTakeover1348/29 3:32PM