As a player who generally hates smg users, this last patch was too much.

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Oddly, I actually find the Vector to be the best SMG out of the bunch. Never found PDW / MSMC to be op.
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Mr_Cumberdale posted...
Oddly, I actually find the Vector to be the best SMG out of the bunch. Never found PDW / MSMC to be op.

When the game first came out, I saw the Vector a lot and even used it myself a couple of times, but I guess the PDW/MSMC memo came out and everyone jumped ship.

Now I am using the Vector again, and am having a lot of success with it.
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torey_caylor posted...
SMG's were fine, just like most AR's. They need to stop nerfing SMG's and buffind assault rifles and realize player's use SMG's because of how small the maps are, not because they're OP.

Yes, you are correct. The smaller maps are forcing players to use SMGs and the R870 shotgun. Treyarch keeps buffing snipers and LMGs and they are just hoping that players will start to use them, but not. BLOPS2 is designed to force players to move around the map. You can sit it one spot with an LMG or sniper. Also, the ghost perk is really bad for LMG and sniper users too.
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It musn't have hit the MSMC as hard. I was doing fine with it this morning and hardly noticed a difference.
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^most of that statement is correct, but they've never buffed the snipers.

All they did was give the XPR a minor nerf. For the most part the snipers are fine, its just the maps. If any sniper needs a buff it would be the ballista, being the least attractive of the snipers. Maybe shorter ads time and clearer iron sights. I use an hdmi cord but it feels as though the iron sights are in standard defintion.

Also right now the LMGs are the best guns in the game, being all 3 bullet kills. Maybe they arent the best rushing tools but they still sit above the rest. Again we need some bigger maps and more leniency time on the ghost perk. The only lmg that needs a buff is maybe the LSW and if the others get buffed anymore then (lol: HAMR, best gun in the game) better for me since nobody uses lmgs.

But then again maybe its not the lsw that needs a buff its grip that needs a buff maybe buff it from 2% to 5 or 6%. If im not mistaken BO1 grip gave a 8%
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Nyangasm posted...
From: HitokiriFelix | Posted: 3/14/2013 4:35:57 AM | #011
These smg patches are as negligible as the last one was. Seriously. Have you used the msmc?

I really don't understand why people are weeny whining about this one. The MSMC and PDW-57 are still just as good as they were.


Knowing treyarch, these recoil reductions are in 2% increments just like grip. I can tell the SMG penetration nerf is bull because I've been 3-shot by MSMCs through cover countless times. (I rage endlessly every time)
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tokyowatcher posted...
no, they screwed the pooch on the pdw, I moved to mw3 already. no big loss here.

You moved back to modern S***fare 3 cause they nerfed the PDW? lmao

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