The TmarTn video where he names every country in the world is just painful...

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you're welcome
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lexussss posted...

Kinda obvious he skipped college... Made me cringe

I think his video showing all of the cards was great. There are not many youtubers out there that show the calling cards for anything. It is surpsingly hard to find. Some of the tubers that do show calling cards will scroll too fast.

You need a YouTuber to name all of the countries in the world for you?
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animaniacs did it first
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dr_zomberg posted...
animaniacs did it first
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Wait, you wanna see Tmart embarrassing himself?

Look up some of his old posts on the Gamebattles forums. He makes the biggest trolls here look like the nicest guys ever.
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AirRawr_ posted...
nobody cares about the name of some ***** country that has people living in trash cans

Now I remember why I left gamefaqs for a bit. Obnoxious posts like this one.