Idea's for the Next Gen Call of Duty

#21GramsAndOuncesPosted 3/15/2013 10:46:33 AM
Fix hit detection and lag. If they do that i might buy the game instead of renting like i have for the past 2 cods.
#22sadiztic666Posted 3/15/2013 11:09:41 AM
1. Servers (They should have had this a long time ago, stop being cheapskates)

2. Make it so you stop shooting for a sec when you go prone to stop drop shotting (BF3)

3. Get rid of scorestreaks that get you kills that are not player controlled. (Stealth Chopper, Dogs, etc.)

4. Make every perk as useful as the next. There are too many that outperform the others by a large margin.

3. Get rid of ghost. It puts everyone on an even level.

4. ^ Then make UAV cost a lot more.

5. Get rid of toughness type of perks. Again, it puts everyone on an even level.

Everyone should have the same flinch and be on the radar if a UAV is up. It just makes it completely fair and makes it a lot more skill based.
#23slaveanselmoPosted 3/15/2013 11:24:30 AM
Shotguns have range?
Learn to sense the sarcasm, bro.
#24tuks81Posted 3/15/2013 11:44:20 AM
The_Hitman_UK posted...
Twice as many guns in each class isn't a good idea, but the day and night idea I love why havn't They done this yet..

they did, the map called "MAKIN" in world at war, there is night and day map.
#25Road_Kill_666(Topic Creator)Posted 3/15/2013 11:57:25 AM
sadiztic666, not sure if you know this but they do have drop-shoting in BF3.
#26sadiztic666Posted 3/15/2013 2:08:55 PM
Road_Kill_666 posted...
sadiztic666, not sure if you know this but they do have drop-shoting in BF3.

No they dont.

When you go prone your gun goes away for a second.

You cant shoot WHILE proning like in COD.

If you successfully drop shot in BF3 you are playing against some really awful people.
#27Road_Kill_666(Topic Creator)Posted 3/15/2013 4:01:57 PM
hmmm. well, all i can say is i've been doing it. It works if your alread shooting. I didn't know about it till i was shooting a m249 and hit it and i actually got down and was firiing the whole time.