What's your Die Rise strategy?

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3 years ago#1
When you play with 4 players, what's your strategy?

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3 years ago#2
personally I go straight for the PDW and tamplesteam since you can take some shortcuts to get there quickly. Then depending on points I either camp by the box, or on the platform slightly down from there and save up 6k for the galzakuckles.

Hopefully get the knuckles by the crawlers then wait by them and take out the crawlers as they jump down, then goto the next section, pick up the AN 94, wait here until it gets crazy! Then go for the power, get perks and try to hold up on the roof, or the floor down from the roof.

Works Ok but havent played for a while now!
3 years ago#3
Not to play it.
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3 years ago#4
shadowsofdawn posted...
Not to play it.

I was expecting that. I would have also accepted play with people with mics and make sure they don't quit.
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3 years ago#5
Grab trample steam parts, go down starting elevator, jump to second floor on other building turn on power then build trample steam. Use trample steams to kill ninja crawlers.. to easy
3 years ago#6
Zombie bump..
3 years ago#7
more people would use mics if the majority of cod players actually could have a intelligent conversation without sounding like they havent passed grade school yet ....theres no need for a mic on any zombies map its not like its not completely obvious what to do ....cant stand when losers quit due to no mics ....nobody wants to talk to u sorry
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3 years ago#8
The problem with this map is that the spawns are out of wack. If one player is in the power room, he/she will get all of the zombies regardless of where everyone else is. Other hot spots are the roof area and the buddha room. Unfotunately, my favorite spot doesn't get squat when players are ANYWHERE else on the map. This needs to be fixed to where zombies spawn wherever there are players. It doesn't have to be perfectly even, but I've gone a whole rd 22 with all of 10 zombies come my way. At the same time, the guy stuck in the power shouldn't get all of the freak'n zombies since that makes it a literal death trap.

My favorite spot is the room with the hole in the middle by the way. The one you have to run through to drop down the elevator shaft. If all of the players are not in that room, it becomes a ghost town. So whenever I play with 4 players, I'm forced to play in spots I don't want to(buddha room is easy, but can't get to other players for revives)
3 years ago#9
Whats mine..... Stay alive
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3 years ago#10
Drop Down the elevator
Go to the roof kill zombies get Bowie knife
Knife Til round 7 I think
By than you should have money and a free perk
Get knuckles after knuckles are not 1 hit kill hit the box
Than camp on the roof
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