Are the zombies on Nuketown Zombies faster and stronger?

#1maxthef1asherPosted 3/15/2013 8:07:21 AM
I just bought that map yesterday and only played it once...I was amazed at the ammount of zombies, the toughness, the speed, and the randomness of them. This is probably one of the only maps for zombies where i was going around with the revolver! I never use that gun but found it worked nice. The zombies were coming at incredible speeds. The ones in suits seemed to be much stronger, like 2 or 3 shots to kill them sometimes. And where do they come from??? No windows to close, designated area they come from...i think they just hopped the fence everytime.

Are there easter eggs?

Does anyone else think that these zombies are different than the other zombies?

Anyone want to play and get to a high level later today?
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#2Kant_Remoob_EhtPosted 3/15/2013 8:10:57 AM
The zombies for the most part in any of the COD zombies modes are always the same... aside for the random type they throw in/the boss zombie.
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