Best Call of Duty of All Time?

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3 years ago#131
wufei8706 posted...
lol'ed at MW3 being higher than W@W.

At least MW3 performs better than W@W. W@W is the laggiest game in the entire series. And I personally don't even like MW3. I would rather play W@W, but it just rarely ever works.
3 years ago#132
i lol'd at 4 & 5
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3 years ago#133
DvoloS88 posted...
CalvinCandie posted...
W@W is clearly the best. Best maps in the series. Zombie mode. CO-OP campaign. The Gore. Best MP Announcers. Best game mode - WAR. The Joy of being in a tank, or blowing one up with C4. Resnov is the best campaign character too.

MW2 definitely brought the series to a new level, but also brought some bad things with it that forced Black Ops to fix. I'd say it's ranked 3rd.

Yes. This, to date WaW was the best game overall with content. Then Id say mw2

Damn, I left out best sound too. Didn't need any stupid soup cans on my ears to know exactly which direction someone was coming from. Now every game is scamming people to buy headsets to get that quality.

Oh, and best aim assist ever too. I remember just flicking the stick in someones directions with my Carbine and it would stop dead center on them. Going back and forth between multiple enemies was a breeze.
3 years ago#134
MW2 was easily the best
WAW was easily the worst

The Blops games have been extremely dull.
COD 4 is slightly behind MW2.
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3 years ago#135
Fix three things in MW2 and its one of the best shooters to touch this planet.

1. Killstreaks don't stack
2. OMA doesn't refill launchers
3. No knife lunge. Or atleast make it consistent.
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3 years ago#136
Now playing: MW2 and BF3 Premium. Member of the MW2 master race. #Salute if you are too.
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