What weapons have impressed you or made you laugh at how bad they are?

#1SevenDayCandlePosted 3/18/2013 10:30:21 PM
These are the weapons I've tried out recently and what I thought of them.

The good.

Five-Seven: Wow, 20 rounds in this damn pistol? Plus a fast as hell reload cancel? Great pistol.
M8A1: Picked it up, probably got 8 one-burst kills with it before dying. Gotta try it.
SWAT: Same as the M8A1.
XPR: A tad OP since it's a OSK to the upper chest and above.
M27: Quite good.
Chicom: I've got it gold, first SMG I got gold, picked it up again. Damn do I miss it...

The bad.

SVU: (insert Consuela from Family Guy's nooooooo here) It sucks.
M1216: Not bad, the whole 4 shots then rechamber makes it crap. Let me rechamber it without having to reload. I don't want to have to shoot to let the enemies know where I am to get a 'fresh' 4 shots.
Ballista: I get hitmarkers with this thing constantly.

Any SVU tips other than Hardcore?
#2TziggyxPosted 3/18/2013 10:52:14 PM
It's hilarious how bad the QBB is.
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#3InadvertantPosted 3/18/2013 11:07:50 PM
The Five-seveN is the best gun there is.
The Executioner is a gigantic mistake both in reality and in the game. The range is abysmal for it, even with the long barrel attachment.
The SCAR-H performs horribly in close quarters combat, but with controlled bursts is one of my favorite at long ranges.
Every single shotgun in this game, outside of the KSG, has an abysmal range. Not sure if Treyarch understands how shotguns work or not, but the pellets of buckshot do not leave the barrel and instantly spread out in a 45 degree cone and then cease to exist after twenty feet or so.
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#4nissan skylinePosted 3/18/2013 11:26:02 PM
FiveseveN: Awesome pistol. Loved it in MW3 and it's just as good here.
XPR-50: Had one with a Laser Sight in Sharpshooter and loved it. I like it without the Variable Zoom scope.
MK48: Just a headshot machine. Stock makes all the difference with this.

Why did Treyarch add these to the game:
QBB: Just a horrid version of the Type 25. The fire rate is impressive but the damage is god****ingawful. And I hate the Type, too.
Type 25: I don't get why people like this gun so much. Inconsistent, clunky irons, and useless without Scavenger.
Chicom: At minimum, a two-burst gun, and if as much as one bullet misses, your ass is grass. I reset my stats partly because I had 400 kills with this godawful thing and wanted it off.
SWAT: I loved the M16 in BO1, but this was a huge disappointment. Of course the circlejerkers will try to convince me otherwise. DECENT with a Stock and ACOG Sight.
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#5gunho7Posted 3/18/2013 11:32:46 PM
Chicom, looks dumb and sucks
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#6InadvertantPosted 3/18/2013 11:36:43 PM
gunho7 posted...
Chicom, looks dumb and sucks

I found it to be a really amazing weapon if you use it right. The three round bursts are like little lasers that hit exactly what you want, and if you pulse the trigger you can get an almost full auto rate with the burst fire accuracy. I personally don't care about any weapon's looks, it's about how well I can kill with it.
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