Skill-based CoD or Casual CoD

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Nintendo disagrees.

People took Nintendo seriously after the Wii?

Well considering that they generate more revenue from video games than any other company in the world, I'd say no, you're right, no one does. You savant, you.
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its a shooter theres no such thing as a skill shooter all shooters are point and shoot thats the point of them
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If it's skill based, they would alienate half of their players. That would mean they'd have to take out things meant to aid newbies like target finder, which is also abused by campers. That's already two groups right there lol. Until they lose money, there won't be purely skill based CoD games.
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The problem is that "skilled" players don't wan't to play against other "skilled" players. They want to play against the "easy mode players". If anything happened to eliminate the easy targets the skilled players would be left with only each other to play.
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True too. Skilled/pseudo-skilled players seem to rage more than anybody when they get killed. As if they are so good that it's complete BS if you killed them. Then they take it personal and call you an N-word in the lobby.
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Popular opinion and fact are not the same thing. Think for yourself.
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He's not talking about skill-based matchmaking. He's talking about adding more factors that separate experienced players from beginners. One such thing would be giving all weapons strong but consistent recoil. That way an experienced player would be able to master controlling the recoil patters for more accurate shooting. Random recoil is about as dumb as it gets. Oh look, my FAMAS went towards outer space but his was laser accurate. Fair.
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r u subtweeting me bruh


lol you said i hate polls like two minutes after i posted a poll
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I want a happy medium. CoD 4 and WaW were obscenely simple yet managed to have a decent skill gap. MW2 onward pretty much ruined the amazing precedent MW1 and WaW set by making the game about big numbers and pretty explosions rather than map control and gunplay.
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