unusual class request.

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Nobody said Fast Hands yet?


Fast hands is for single guys. Duh!

Uhhhh pretty sure single guys get laid more often than married guys...
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HAMR (Just in case if there's domestic issues)
Hyrbid Optic (Cause your baby will be a hybrid of you guys)

RPG (To assume authority over your household)

Flak Jacket (She'll never let you wear what you want)
Scavenger (She'll scavenge right off you)
Engineer (Gotta put bread on the table, right?)
Dead Silence (Sometimes you need to just hold your tongue)

Flashbang (lol)

Perk 3 Greed
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Full class includes:

Peacekeeper (obviously to bargain your way through arguments)
FMJ+Supressor - Face it your going to be in situations where simply saying what you mean isn't good enough. FMJ says it harder and cuts through for you. The suppressor is for if you lose the argument and you mumble what you want to say...admittedly under your breath - so she doesn't hear you

Hardline - Well if things start to go south, you may need some help to perform at your max. Equip HARDLINE to take off some of the pressure to score.
Toughness - if you flinch when disagreeing, your dead.
Tactical mask - Wait till she's comfy enough to poop in front of you, you'll thank me later.

Take two black hats - This is for your protection against what she may use against you
And also a Bouncing Betty - When your away from her - Betty may be all you have
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I don't feed trolls and I don't read spam!
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I don't feed trolls and I don't read spam!
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