Endless Eternal Infinity (spoilers, little things in-game, and a single idea)

#1ZuuFPosted 3/19/2013 12:44:53 PM
Foood is Goood
Go Outside
Read a Book
If you're wondering, these are some of the titles of books (among others) found in some of the campaign levels and a few maps (especially Aftermath; the bookstore on the A-side of the map, if you play Domination).

My single idea is for keeping both F and H alive during the Yemen level (in an effort to not spoil anything). How 'bout this for a third option (first, how to get it):
-let DF escape during Karma
-save C in Second Chance
Now...when Menendez hands F the gun to kill H, I think that a third option would simply be waiting it out. After a few seconds, DF gets impatient and goes for the kill...BUT an explosion happens nearby, causing Menendez and DF to run away for cover. In doing this, F and H are both spared, allowing you to save C, AND get the better NPC for final mission (otherwise, it just seems empty).

What do you guys (and gals) think 'bout that?
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Sounds good, BUT kinda forced for a "better, perfect" game.
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