What's your good crossbow setups?

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User Info: BalisticWarri0r

4 years ago#1
I'm working on gold crossbow now. Normally I run sticks and stones. But after playing multiple games where it's non stop running with the knife I find it difficult to get a ton of kills with it.

What are the best setups you found with the crossbow? Especially what attachments.

User Info: EvanW1109

4 years ago#2
I stuck to Sticks and Stones the whole way through, found it a lot easier than trying to play anything else. I did ballistic knife first, then crossbow so I had to adjust as well, but it happened.

I guess you could camp objectives in Dom or something, but it's tough to get multiple kills in a life against bullets. I'd suggest:

Crossbow w/ whatever attachment you want. I'd stay away from tri-bolt unless you want to run scavenger, but your explosion kills won't get you more bolts so even then I avoid it.

Cold Blooded/Toughness
(users choice, I run engineer)

Concussion x2
Shock Charge x2

Tactician (both freeze up your enemies for easy shots)

UAV>Guardian>whatever else.

UAV for obvious reasons, Guardian to again freeze them up.

That's the best I can figure out, it may still be tough.

User Info: flamepelt

4 years ago#3

Lightweight(fav perk) and FJ
Scavenger or Toughness

Flash or concussion x2
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  3. What's your good crossbow setups?

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