I wanna know what the hell is going on with this... Is this lag comp and....

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I have one friend who I party up with now and then (we take turns hosting). Whenever I party with him, he does MUCH better than he does if he plays solo (I'm talking he can run VSAT, K9, Swarm and get them every game, when he would normally run CP, Lightning Strike, Sentry), I'd say 75% of the time we party up I'm just there for free kills for the enemies, going horribly negative or barely breaking even. His internet isn't as fast as mine (maybe 15/5 connection with 70-90 ping to NYC, my speed is in the links below).

Is this lag comp against me and lag working in his favor? Sure as hell seems so. We just played a few games, his total was 165-42, my total was 81-92. He never does that good if he's not in my party, I never do that bad if I'm not in a party with him.

What's the deal with it? Is it lag comp against me yet lag working in his favor? It makes absolutely no sense at all to me. Is it the fact I'm partying up with someone who doesn't have internet as fast as mine (we take turns hosting)?


All these tests were run on Wi-Fi, and the system is hooked up with an ethernet cable, so it's even faster on the system...

http://www.speedtest.net/result/2591846882.png <50 miles away in NYC

To Palo Alto, CA, (Fiber Internet Center) 2550 miles away

Here's Melbourne Australia (Vodaphone) just for the hell of it, 10k+ miles away
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your call of duty skills are as good as your topics

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