Is this game considered the best FPS?

#11FantasyHerbPosted 3/23/2013 12:52:12 PM
majorgalaxy posted...
i say nay since i had more fun with my 60 minute trial of gotham city imposters than i did with all my blops 2 multiplayer matches combined

than i think there are other games that are more fun like serious sam, fallout, bioshock, halo, borderlands....

at least blops 2 isnt as bad breach.

Isn't gotham city imposters free to play?
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#12majorgalaxyPosted 3/23/2013 1:05:07 PM
Steam yeah but my computer sucks so i got it on the xbox live marketplace and dont regret it.
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#13darealest47Posted 3/23/2013 1:14:08 PM
It's the best first person shooter of 2012. All time? Nope.
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#14The Wheelman1Posted 3/23/2013 1:34:41 PM
Nope. Far from it.
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