Whats a champion COD player's diet?

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User Info: Cow King

Cow King
4 years ago#1
Every morning I mix eggs in a blender, then pour it into the frying pan while drinking coke. But I feel I could include more into my diet to maintain my pro status. Any suggestions?
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User Info: destructoclaus

4 years ago#2
I eat normally and smoke a little bit of bud from time to time. I'm pretty good at this game, too, so I guess that's a champion's diet.
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User Info: BipBapBam

4 years ago#3
doritos and mountain dew
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User Info: xMythic

4 years ago#4
hot pockets, cheetos, and mountain dew
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User Info: theLongR0D

4 years ago#5
Why do you mix eggs in a blender? What kind of super-eggs do you eat that require a blender to be mixed?

edit: just googled it, apparently they are lighter and fluffier that way.....

User Info: Moody_Droid

4 years ago#6
High fat high protein low carb
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User Info: trakrunr4evr

4 years ago#7
Cherry Pop-Tart master race
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User Info: CarbonFibre

4 years ago#8
BipBapBam posted...
doritos and mountain dew

Wow this was exactly what I was going to post after reading the subject.

User Info: Astro_B0mb

4 years ago#9
Hot pockets, pizza rolls, mtn dew.
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User Info: EvelSaiyan

4 years ago#10
level_5 posted...
hot pockets, cheetos, and mountain dew

code red if it's available
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