Create a non-violent version of a weapon/perk for a kid version of COD

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StigmaStyle posted...
How 'bout an entire class?
Yeah, I didn't use 10/10, but whatever.

MSMC - Mr. Squeaky Moo Cow - This bubble maker is shaped like a Moo Cow and squeaks when squeezed.
BPM (Bubbles Per Minute) - 700
Refill Time (Bubble solution) - 5-10 minutes - 20 seconds if Helping Hands is equipped. ( Seriously, how is a kid gonna know how to refill a bubble machine?)

No Tears - If you get bubbles in your eye, you can still see due to special bubble solution used.
Chocolate Milk Mod - The bubbles are now chocolate milk bubbles.


Exeggutor - Wanna play Pokemon?

Perk 1 - Helping Hands - Allows actions to be performed quicker due to the help of an adult
Perk 2 - Quick Learner - Every time you refill your bubble machine, it takes 20 seconds less the next time.
Perk 3 - Sugar Rush - Can sprint forever.

I would probably still rage while playing this game
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fast hands..... nuff said
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marshmallow cannon.. nuff said
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