I like the part where, for once, the LMGs are the most powerful guns in the game

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All of them are automatic, have 3 bullet kills and most of the time superior range.

Hmm delicious MK48 your insane across the map 3 bullet kills, I love you suppressed, you actually make a good ghost rushing class if cautious. Your recoil is low-moderate (but you have slow rpm)

Delicious LSW I love your fast fire rate 900. (but you have the high recoil and lowest dropoff of the lmgs)
Has anyone tried the super accuracy setup? Laser to predetermine shots and hip fire, that way if you are always aiming the laser where you think the enemy will show up when you ads the laser turns into a Reflex sight. That's for pinpoint accuracy, Also last attachment is to get rid of that muzzle flash so we add Suppressor. Now the lsw is accurate as hell.

Lsat you are the most vesatile of the group. Like your brothers from other classes (MSMC, MTAR) you have 720rpm 3 bullet kill but your range is superior and almost doubled and you have bigger ammo capacity. You have low recoil. There really isnt a downside to you lsat.

Oh gourmet Hamr if you had a 7burst mode you'd be unstoppable. But it takes a little finnesse to use you. You are like your ass rifle brother, the AN94 except that you are much easier to burst having a faster 7 bullet burst instead of a 2bb. Much easier to use indeed. (but if we dont burst you properly you drop to a low 600rpm, and you recoil is a tad high).
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In mw2 lmgs were arguably the best, RPD, L86LSW and AUG HBAR 2 shot kill any range with stopping power, no recoil
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I love them all... <3
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Yeah if you play a more defensive style they are unparalleled. But I'm more of a on the move, scuf jumping, strafing, dropshot style of spazzed movement you can only achieve with AR and SMG efficiently. The lack of mobility just kills the other attributes of the gun that are awesome. In my opinion anyways. Some people can obviously do well playing defensively. When I say defensively I don't mean camping necessarily. Just not as much movement as a rusher.
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The AUGHBAR gave me the biggest nerd boner.
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MW3 they were great
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theLongR0D posted...
MW3 they were great

Well excuse me they've ALWAYS been great in Infinty ward games.
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dioxxys posted...
theLongR0D posted...
MW3 they were great

Well excuse me they've ALWAYS been great in Infinty ward games.

Well excuse me you didn't limit the topic to Treyarch games
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dioxxys posted...
for once