I like the part where, for once, the LMGs are the most powerful guns in the game

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for once
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I'll take my MW2 RPD over any of the LMGs in this game, though they are quite good.
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destructoclaus posted...
I'll take my MW2 RPD over any of the LMGs in this game, though they are quite good.

This. I had a love affair with the RPD, best gun ever.

BO2 is the best game for LMGs since MW2 however, I think the LMGs in MW2 were just a little bit better though.
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Burst firing the L86 in MW2...such a magical thing.
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I'm getting them diamond now and it's probably the most fun I've had with the game.
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LSW w/SoH, LW, SA in MW2 >>>>>
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The LMGs were always good, except in the first BO where they were just clunky assault rifles.
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LMG's have been pretty good since COD4 as far as I know.

Except maybe in Black Ops. Then again a lot of guns sucked in Black Ops.
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From: bbert901 | #002
In mw2 lmgs were arguably the best, RPD, L86LSW and AUG HBAR 2 shot kill any range with stopping power, no recoil

The MW1 RPD was the same thing with a higher rate of fire.