#1FrazierboiPosted 3/29/2013 6:17:42 PM
What games do you play to relieve rage?!
#2TheSaintGPosted 3/29/2013 6:26:10 PM
chess, super smash bros, fire emblem
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#3FlazkPosted 3/29/2013 6:26:17 PM
Watching dashboard ads
#4StigmaStylePosted 3/29/2013 6:29:23 PM
TheSaintG posted...
chess, super smash bros, fire emblem

I find Fire Emblem more rage enducing. =/
Seriously? You're going to Crit my full health char, causing a OHKO, with 1% chance to crit and less than 20% chance to land a non-crit? I realize that crits can't miss so the non-crit hit chance doesn't matter, but still. Fire Emblem makes me rage.