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HAMR and foregrip question

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  3. HAMR and foregrip question
2 years ago#1
Just started using the HAMR and tested the recoil with and without foregrip and found noticeably less recoil with the HAMR when used with grip. I understand there is a placebo effect with grip on most guns in the game except the Scar H. But I've also heard conflicting reports with grip when using the HAMR, some say it works with it some say it dont. My question is should I trust what I'm seeing visually and using a grip with the HAMR or believe in some others finding that grip have no effect on all guns except the Scar?
2 years ago#2
The HAMR doesn't need a grip, in my opinion. I've really never had a problem with recoil on it.
2 years ago#3
You should be firing in bursts anyway for the RoF and those first 8 shots have insane recoil no matter what.
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  3. HAMR and foregrip question

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