your pet peeve player type? just rant about them itt

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User Info: I_Got_Rhythm

3 years ago#21
imthestuntman posted...
L4DMalus posted...
Target Finder LMG users. F*** them and f*** everything they hold sacred. Camping a**, headglitching mother F***ERS!!!!!!!!
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User Info: ronXwhite

3 years ago#22
the ones that cant beat you in a gunfight, but will fast hands c4 you and act like they're good.
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User Info: Alecterum

3 years ago#23
Quickscopers, I hate quickscopers! I don't mind the players with the ACOG on their sniper rifles it's unorthodox but fine, I'm talking sissy pansy game exploiting match unbalancing quickscopers!

Every time I see one either in my kill cam or if I'm observing my team via a join a game in progress I leave the game just not going to support it, uh-uh learn to shoot moron.

C4 grenades...enough said.

Target Finder again enough said.

I also hate the Remington 870 even though it's been supposedly nerfed I still get killed by players who are pretty far away, say from one 'tower' to the opposite 'tower' in Hijacked. It's BO2's version of the noobtube.

As soon as I reached gold (which was painfully easy) with the 870 I put it away and never used it again onto my next gold gun challenge.

Also it seems that all the SMG's are killing at AR range it reminds me a lot of the MP5 and UMP45 in MW2 being the same way.

I guess CoD really hasn't improved has it?'s can be good mindless fun and it feels good to rant so thank you for the topic. :)

User Info: Magic_Bryan

3 years ago#24

Love tac insert campers/snipers, engineer says here I am, EMP nade for free points before killing them
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User Info: JammyBauer23

3 years ago#25
RS_YELARAKA posted...
Only thing that really bothers me is teams of shield/LMG/TF/Trophy campers. A single camper or even a couple are no big deal. A team..... PISS ME RIGHT OFF

Lol I havent played in a month, but one of the last times that I did, I was playing with some dudes that wanted to do that in league play but lol I wouldnt do it and they were getting pissed.
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  3. your pet peeve player type? just rant about them itt

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