Tips to get high scorestreaks

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This is my first COD and i have had it since christmas and i have had one Lodestar, I can get VSAT's usually but anything above that are unreachable usually, I have lots of bad games and an 1.02 KD Tips plz
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Play Domination, Go for the objectives have hardline+flak jacket on
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Well what I would suggest is start off with low scorestreaks. Then when you can get them easier and easier start inching your way up. Once you hit VSAT start playing and make sure you can get a VSAT once a game. Once you have the VSAT down add higher ones. If you have the VSAT in the scorestreak line up it should be fairly easy to get anything higher./ Just play smart and watch the radar as it points which way the enemies are facing, if it looks like there are multiple people in one cluster try and go pick off targets that are wandering by themselves or wait for your teammates help. Thats pretty much all I have. Hope this helps.
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Use stealth Chopper VSAT and then whatever high streak you want. Chopper will help get you a couple hundred points and then vsat should get you a couple hundred more at the least.
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Stick to the outside of the map where it will be less populated. Watch where your teammates die to get an idea of where the enemy is. Try not to get too close to objectives, but be close enough so you can snag a couple of kills off of enemies trying to take it. Never stay in the same place for too long. Always try to throw a grenade or tactical into a room so you can find out if someone is camping. Reload whenever it is safe enough to do so (you don't want to reload in the middle of a fight). Learn from your mistakes (if you keep dying in an area then don't go there anymore).
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VSAT is literally a free pass to the high scorestreaks
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delete the dlc. i was playing demo with a full party and 1 guy didn't have it. 1 game everyone had 60+ kills 2 or 3 had over 100
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WOT BS posted...
delete the dlc. i was playing demo with a full party and 1 guy didn't have it. 1 game everyone had 60+ kills 2 or 3 had over 100

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Why would i get rid of something i paid 15 for, also i kind of rethought the topic i can get to within 1 or 2 kills to a lodestar but i ALWAYS DIE, I just dont know how to get those last kills