BO1 > CoD4 > MW2 > BO2 > MW3

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BO1 started the trend of noticeably worse lag issues than the previous CoD games, had the most clone weapons by a long shot while STILL managing to have badly balanced weapons (FAMAUG/pre-patched AK-74u), worst selection of LMGs, thought playlist specific challenges for perks was a good idea, had the most boring method of unlocking stuff, mostly boring maps, and worst of all: introduced Nuketown which completely poisoned the series in terms of map making from then on out due to all of the stupid little kids flocking to it.

BO1 is bad.

Blops had the best m60 of any CoD, and that sweet stoner63.

BO1 had one excellent LMG (M60), an AR with more bullets than normal in exchange for bad movement speed (Stoner), and then two LMGs you would never in your right mind try to use. (The other two).

That's basically 1.5 LMGs. You certainly didn't play the Stoner like an LMG.
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me2>mw2>batman aa>street fighter 4>bo1>ff13
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lol @ kids who liked WaW

game is CoD3 tier at best
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Great Games = MW1/MW2

Boring Games = Blops1/2

Crap Games = MW3/W@W(not counting Zombies intro)
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I don't understand how people can say COD 4 is the best and W@W is the worst. They're almost identical.
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except for the whole tank thing and the whole dogs thing and the whole hit detection thing and the whole mp40 thing
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Here I'll settle this once and for all.

Master list

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From: Moody_Droid | #057
except for the whole tank thing and the whole dogs thing and the whole hit detection thing and the whole mp40 thing

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So tired of these topics.
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