Looking for people to do the High Maintenance Achievement with!

#13DSGuyPosted 4/4/2013 5:54:25 PM
Looking for 3 people to do the High Maintenance Achievement on Die Rise with me sometime this weekend. You must have a headset to play since it involves lots of communication.

-Revolution DLC Map Pack

-Decent knowledge of map
-Patience (I sometimes get frustrated)

-All 6 perks (can be lost)
-The High Maintenance achievement (75 G)
-The ability to know how to preform the Easter Egg

From Me:
-A good game of zombies
-Someone to play zombies with

You must have the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. I have a tutorial video from YouTube from the user Caspahz and knowledge of the map. I do want the Sliquifier since I know how to use it when it will be needed. Throughout the game at least one player will need the Sliquifier and Galvaknuckles and all 4 must have the Tramplesteam. If anyone has done the achievement, I would love to have you help! We can work out a time for this weekend as the collective but most of Saturday morning will be a wash for me. I will also help you guys get the rest of the acheivements for the map in the same or other game sessions such as Vertigoner and Facing the Dragon. Please Private Message me or post here if you are interested.

Also, I can help with Green Run achievements other than Tower of Babble and help you guys learn how to play maps in Green Run effectively and know most of the Perma-Perks and how to obtain them.

Gamertag: VJump13
Real name: Kenny

Thanks in advanced!
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