FHJ Player Controlled Scorestreak Challenge

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User Info: f41lurizer

3 years ago#11
To do this you need a pretty specialized class

Blind Eye
Cold Blooded


Black hat x2
EMP grenade x2

Any primary you want

Cold blooded saves you from Lodestars/VTOL, blind eye saves you from stealth choppers, etc...
You can take out any enemy anything with this class
if you see a lodestar/VTOL appear, kill yourself/let it kill you and spawn with this class
then, get it with one black hat and 2 FHJ rockets, and it will die

User Info: puzzlefite

3 years ago#12
Nriepw posted...
ImperialDragon posted...
Well I managed to find a dragonfire, but the **** controlling it was literally flying it along the ground, so it was impossible to lock on.

Lol. I haven't played in a while but I used to do that. It honestly seemed better on the ground.

People don't usually fly it near the ground because of EMPs.
Gamertag: Crash Geom

User Info: startedONatari

3 years ago#13
Telvanni_guard posted...
I sorta feel bad for getting this early back when it was one hit to kill. I EMP'd a lot of them without thinking some people may actually need it for the challenge.

I should just start shooting them with a few bullets and hope someone on my team needs it instead...

i am truly shocked. i admire your consideration, which is something that i thought was next to nonexistent in the cod community.
i messaged a guy the other day about his calling card, it was the cobra dlc card(which i was unaware of then). i asked how he got it and he responded with; you have to get 2500 merciless medals. i was like really, what douche canoe. he could said dlc, but nooo.
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