How many months out did they add new prestiges in MW3?

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kinda hard to do when your current max rank is prestige master

unless they go all in and make a prestige [insert word here] (legend, king, brony, etc.)

Lol no. Unless you have a prestiege for each fandom!?

Prestige Recruit

Prestige Wing Pony

Prestige Lead Pony

Prestige Wonderbolt

So much want. Yes.

It's 3 A.M. And this is idea is coming with me to sleep, just showing my friends the new Prestieges... Lol.

Not sure what the emblem for Recruit would be, but Wing and Lead would have the silver and gold badges, and Wonderbolt would, of course, be the Wonderbolts logo.

Also: Prestige Academy Record

Oh mah gawd yes. My Rainbow Dash emblem is very happy. Slap the medal on the back of My Tac-45... Delicious!
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Yes, wake me up when the next microtranaction comes with this. Urhghgh *Passes out from to much singing Karaoke.*

On a Unrelated note, there are way to much spanish karaoke songs that sound the same.
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