What type of maps to you like? Traits list inside.

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To take Grind as an example, what I love about that map is that there are huge lines of sight, especially on the sides of the maps, very strong power positions, and yet the transition areas between those open spaces are very small and have excellent flanking opportunities - pretty much every corner has an amazing hiding space and the building in the middle has some excellent spots, and very close range combat around B flag.

Similarly Cargo has a huge open space down the middle, big lines of sight on one side of the map especially, three very strong power positions (the sniper spots on the shipping containers, and the sniper window) but also loads of flanking potential because you can sneak around the outside and ambush people.

On both of these maps, any gun will work. You can snipe, you can mid-range people with AR's, counter snipe, LMG, run and gun with an SMG/Shotgun, whatever.

I think you've gotta have that mixture and it's gotta be balanced. Carrier (bad map imo) has way too much open space in the middle, no clearly defined power positions (the whole map is basically a power position), only one real flanking opportunity (at the C flag).
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Every CoD Map has 3 lanes (at least from what I have noticed). You have a left lane, middle lane, and a right lane. Each lane can and may have multiple pathways connected to it whether it is a hallway, an underpass, or a ledge to climb up, etc. That is what the formula is generally for all CoD maps. However, some maps like Slums have the 3 lanes and have few to virtually no flanking routes.

Yeah, that's a good point. I'd say WaW strayed from that formula the most. There are also a couple other exceptions to that, of which aren't just micro maps.

Plus, in this game, all the Domination flags are set up linear. MW3 had the same general layout of maps, but the flags weren't linear. You had trouble getting B? Go take A/C. Not here. It's a fight for B then a camp to lock it down.

Do you think that there should be maps where the dom points are equidistant from eachother? I think that would work well, but most of the maps don't really play to that design unfortunately - most maps have a little shortcut between the sides that means if you had A and C at the sides of the maps then B would be literally right next to one of them. It could work on Turbine, maybe. A in the building on the right, B at the bottom of the plane, and C behind the sniper tower on the opposite side of the building. Maybe B on the bridge instead. I dunno.
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A) Flank route abundant

E) Abundant lines of sight (almost no cover or object cluttering)
F) Abundant cover (opposite to E, good for flanking)

H) Large (Most MW2 and CoD4 maps)
I) Fewer power positions (Lacking of camping rooms, high-conflict areas, etc)

MW2 maps pretty much.
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domination SUCKS in blops2 because of the map and flag layouts
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From: Soul_On_Display | #001
CoD4 maps = A, E, H, J, L ~ overall slower pace

Simple as that. Maps with sightlines that aren't all corridors and are more than 3 routes.
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