What would make the new maps more enjoyable...

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bbert901 posted...
Thats why ive been playing mw2 since 2009

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If the made a map that wasn't three long lanes with actual thought and open areas...

ok that would work too.
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You know that since people loved dlc guns that they are going to package them separately now. I predict weapon dlc for 400 points.
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The three lane maps are usually the better ones.
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From: FeelMyBlade | #014

The three lane maps are usually the better ones.

Agreed. Dat Highrise!
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The game would have been better if we had actually gotten Black Ops 2, not Modern Warfare 3.5

In truth, you can absolutely tell a difference between the older games. MW and WaW felt* and played* different, MW2 and Blops felt different, but I really think MW3 and BO2 feel the same.

It's hard to explain, but I think some people know what I mean.

I think I know what you mean. Probably the teams mash up a little more than they would indicate on the 2 year alternating thing they have going on.

Waw had some good non 3 lane maps. I'd like to see more stuff like that. I want ziplines you can jump off of so you aren't a sitting duck. Really dropped the ball on that in the first black ops. Need rideable skii lifts too. I've liked some of the interaction from the maps that they were going for in black ops, just wish they were more indepth and plentiful.