Mob of the Dead - the best zombies map ever?

#1jimhalpert789Posted 4/8/2013 9:22:03 PM
I spent a fair amount of my 2.5 hour literature class tonight thinking about Mob of the Dead and why it might be the greatest zombies map yet. I'll try to condense my thoughts to keep things interesting and I apologize if any of these things have been mentioned in other topics.
Here's a link to a reddit article that I'm going to reference. It was posted before the behind the scenes trailer and appears to be from a reliable source.

First, according to the reddit post it looks like there will be 3-4 different "bosses" scattered around the map in different areas. I believe they mentioned in the trailer, or possibly the reddit post, that these bosses are meant to prevent training. I know that a lot of die hard zombies fans love training, but training has been possibly in nearly every zombies map thus far, so I think it's okay if there's finally a map where training isn't a viable option.

The reason I think training hurts zombies is because in most maps the only viable option to get to very high rounds is training. This leads to zombies becoming exceedingly boring after the first 10-20 rounds, depending on how long it takes you to get your weapons and perks and start training. Don't get me wrong, I've trained to get to high rounds on plenty of maps, but recently I've really gotten tired of rounds 20+ being pretty much the same on every map.

According to the reddit post, they attempted to make this zombies map easier in an attempt to allow average players to get to higher rounds and enjoy the game more. I'm hoping that by making the game easier, through the addition of new perks and weapons, they will make it possible to reach higher rounds using good teamwork, so you won't be resigned to just training.

Another way they could attempt to make zombies less repetitive is by changing the mechanics of how the rounds become more difficult. Right now, with each new round more zombies spawn and each zombie has higher health. I know it would be tough to balance, but it would be nice if they made the zombies move faster or spawn more quickly after each round--instead of increasing in health and # of zombies, because that just led to longer and more repetitive gameplay. Zombies could still increase in # and health for the first 20-30 rounds, but after that it'd be nice if they just came at you faster instead.

I think I've written out everything that I can remember, but I may add to this later on. Hopefully this wasn't to unbearable to read. Feel free to explain why you may agree with me or why my ideas are terrible, because I'm sure there are flaws that I haven't noticed.
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#2ZuuFPosted 4/8/2013 9:25:41 PM
I think that they should add a "no-zombies" addition, so that people can explore the maps, and learn the layout/puzzles without worrying about dying just as they figure it out, only to forget it right away. To prevent people from complaining about how it would take away strategy, only make it available on maps that you've made it to round 20 or higher (it would also be useful for people who are still trying to find every last hint/secret in Tranzit, such as the subtle signs on the walls, or stuff like that).
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... i say wait until it comes out
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NGTZombies made a convincing argument debunking that reddit post. Theres only been 1 confirmed zombie boss, I doubt theres more. But, we'll just have to wait and see till it comes out.
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I think the BTS trailer debunked many things on the reddit post. And so did NGT as an above user said.
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Dark_Dash99 posted...
I think the BTS trailer debunked many things on the reddit post. And so did NGT as an above user said.

What exactly did they debunk? I haven't had a chance to watch the video yet. I know that the perks he listed appear to be incorrect, but he correctly predicted the "purgatory mode", zip lines, horror thriller theme, historically correct alkatraz, and the musical aspect. NGTZombies also mentioned that he doesn't think that there will be a pack-a-punch, and in the reddit post he specifically says "upgrade machine". I know it might be a bit of a stretch, but it seems as though the reddit poster knew that there wouldn't be a pack-a-punch, because anyone who knows anything about zombies knows that the "upgrade machine" has always been called a pack-a-punch.

Regardless though, we can't really know much for sure until next Tuesday, and I'm excited at the possibility that this will be the first map that will change the general mechanics of zombies in the higher rounds, so that the game won't just degrade to constantly training after the initial rounds of setting up.
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