What's the best class for HC Dom?

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#2DarkLeemerPosted 4/13/2013 11:53:24 AM
Guess it depends on how you like to play. A personal favorite is

MK48 with FMJ and Dualband or TF
Tac-45 for close range OHK
Flak Jacket
Tac Mask
tactician card

smoke up the flags and deploy trophy system for easy caps and use the tac to get around quickly and still have killing potential and then the MK48 for holding areas. The FMJ allows you to shoot through almost anything for easy kills and with the range of the MK48 you will get a ton of one hit kills. The Dual band allows sight through smoke too so that is a bonus when combined with the smoke grenades. Use scavenger to scoop up additional supplies. Flak is just to protect you from random explosives.
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