i kinda regret buying the season pass for $20 when it was on sale...

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die rise is great but i am not the only one hating the dlc content, i mean why else would activision lower the price for the season pass like they did with bo2 ?

with mw3 it was 50 FOR ALL OF THE YEAR. because iw gave us great content all 20 dlc maps were playable in survival mode, too.

weren't 2 of the map packs 50% off for a while as a giant "screw you" to the people that bought the season pass. Plus they had an entire map pack that consisted solely of face-off maps

The $50 was also put towards strategy videos of weapons, load outs, perks, and maps (much more detail than the 3 videos BOps2 did), Clans, and small entertainment (say what you will, but I enjoyed Noob Tube and Friday Night Fights, which even that sometimes proved helpful). So I didn't feel like they "slapped me in the face" with those sales, it just opened way for more people.

And quite honestly, I miss Face Off (back when it was good, not the way people treat it now as a set of boosting lobbies). It was nice and fun, odd how a simple change in size makes it feel a little different than the norm.

Besides Negotiator, though, the missions were terrible. Chaos Mode was fun for a week, but also got boring

Dude, either I am having a SERIOUS case of Deja Vu, or you copy and pasted that from somewhere ...
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the mw3 dlc was excellent and i mean their "zombie mode" was on all maps, swallow this treyarch!
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I will never buy DLC.