So, how does Mob of the Dead compare to Tranzit/Die Rise?

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thompsontalker7 posted...
Does the Thompson SMG makes as triumphant return as I had hoped?

I'm not a fan of the M1928 drum barrel model, but a Tommy Gun is a Tommy gun.

i think its the M1927 with the 50 drum.

kinda weak but that means its GREAT for point boosting, like the MP5 or the MPL (from BO1)
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I didn't like the whole out of body (forget name already) aspect at first but it's ok over-all. Some of the dialogue is abysmal considering they are actors and a certain section where you have to go into poltergeist mode or whatever, run downstairs and zap the code into the machine really, really pissed me off as i'd make some crawlers and at least 5 times in a row they would magically die forcing me to tackle another round before trying to obtain the plane part.

I think after about my 4th attempt solo I managed to get to round 15 before being robbed by the above and the usual ray gun sponging zombies but i'm sure co-op will be better.
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