Mob of the Dead is by far the hardest map to solo high rounds.

#21AlaskanBluesPosted 4/19/2013 3:42:35 AM
Run the trains in cafeteria with the upgraded Acid Gat. Shouldn't be that bad, this level is really easy for solo play.
#22RagingKoalaBear(Topic Creator)Posted 4/19/2013 2:58:52 PM
I disagree. Even if you get 3 ghosts solo it doesn't make it easy. I had 3 perks, good guns, but nothing PaP and I was doing great at 18. I died once...but in a horrible spot near cherry. I would clear the area then pick myself up but right when I got revived they were already back and totally surrounding me. I took all 3 ghosts to finally get up and sprint to the gondola. I got jugg and my tommy gun refilled but just got overwhelmed from every direction.

Like I said, I'm not a crap zombie player that's for sure. I've gotten 40+ on every map solo but this one is so much tougher. I think they increased the number of zombies that can be out at the same time on this map. Anyone out there have all the stats for that? Like if they increase the zombie count per map or not. I got 41 on die rise solo the first day it came out. I can't even break 20 on this one. I got as close as 4 parts for the plane, made the shield, and got 2/3 of the acid made.

I feel like not getting to PaP by that round is just too much. If I had my guns upgraded and obtained speed cola I would have went really far. I'm going to be on around midnight tonight when I get home from work. I love this map because its extremely hard for me.
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#23Shaun3DPosted 4/19/2013 3:06:46 PM
Im finding this map to be hard so far. Im pretty sure im gonna lose my shotguns on it... o well, its a great addition tho.
#24OmegaReaper21Posted 4/19/2013 5:49:06 PM
I found it to be easiest. 37 solo my first real attempt high rounds, meaning first time after figuring out the map with some buddies.

I don't think I ever got to 30 on any other map.