Put people who disconnect in the LP pre-game lobby on probation.

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Um...just because some of the community picked the maps doesn't mean they're enjoyable for everyone. And I disagree. Some people play League to play against similar skilled players. Not for the locked selection. And that's not picking. That's going into a different lobby.

You don't seem to understand how competitive games work and what League is trying to achieve. The entire point of a ladder is to match you up with random players and rank you based on that. Bottom line is, there's a reason that Treyarch intentionally prevents people from backing out once you get a match.

As a person with a BSc in Games Design, yes, I do understand perfectly fine how competitive games work. People want to play against other people of similar skill. That doesn't mean they need to do it on a map they detest. Punishing people for leaving a pregame lobby will only further kill the sham that is LP.

If you have a "BS in Games Design"..why don't you go design some games and gett off the gamefaqs boards?
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Competitive play doesn't work over multiplayer in any game. It needs to be set up in a LAN party. So LP isn't truly competitive in this. And you're still not grasping the fact that people should not be punished for leaving before the game starts.

Just because tournaments are on LAN doesn't mean online ladders are irrelevant, look at LoL, SC, etc.

And why should you not be punished for doing something Treyarch doesn't allow you to do? It's really not that hard to understand