Call of Duty: LMG Target Finder is what this game should be called

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There must be a ton of illicit drug use at Treyarch to think the Target Finder would be a good attachment.

Wealthy individuals without much in the way of responsibility using drugs? PERISH the thought!
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Its a ho move but a lot of people on this board think they are pros. Instead of having fun they camp and wait. To bad they couldn't do that for a hot girl

TF = Anti camper attachment

ITT: A bunch of headglichers pissed off that the TF found them.

TF = ultimate camper's attachment
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Target finder is a garbage attachment for garbage players.

Target babies target babies
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AngelicTouch99 posted...
My rage inducing class

Mk48 with target finder and fmj
Flak jacket
Perk 2 greed with toughness and scavenger
Tac mask or engineer depending on map
Emp grenade

UAV cuav and war machine

Your tears are delicious

I bet that gets u tons of girls and friends IRL