Good SMR Class?

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User Info: RHCP777

4 years ago#1
What do you guys think would be good attachments/perk to use on my SMR class? I'm specifically using it as a range/anti-sniper class, so what attachments benefit this strategy?

User Info: xHonestyx

4 years ago#2
SMR Stock/Go Dot/TF if you aren't good with irons
Perk 2
2 Emp nade
Frag or C4

If you dont like equipment, ditch it and take perk 1 greed with lightweight or ghost

User Info: webbc99

4 years ago#3
I use it as a counter-sniper class as well. Very good gun.

SMR with Quickdraw + Target Finder
Flak Jacket
Dexterity + Tac Mask (perk 3 greed)



I like select fire because I find the timing on the shots really odd on the SMR, I am really bad and oversample the trigger all the time, unlike the FAL where I am beastly. That said, I personally think Quickdraw is very useful on this gun as you need to be able to ADS as soon as possible and pop them before you get sniped. I don't actually like Stock on this, for some reason I find the bobbing up and down of the sight makes it really hard to hit people - again I don't have this problem with any other AR, in particular the FAL, just the SMR. I still really like the gun though.
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